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Team Nomination and Selection Policy

Participation in the nomination and selection process shall be open to anyone who satisfies Manx nationality criteria and is a member of the Isle of Man Air Gun Association (IOMAGA).

For the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships, a person may only be nominated if they were born in The Isle of Man or their Mother or Father were born in The Isle of Man or have been resident in The Isle of Man for three years prior to a Commonwealth Games or Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships. Exceptionally, the Commonwealth Games Federation may alter or waive the eligibility criteria.

Nomination and selection process

Commonwealth Games

  • The Association nominates up to a maximum of two people (plus one reserve) per event to the Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation (IOMTSF). The IOMTSF then nominates a Shooting Team to the Commonwealth Games Association for The Isle of Man (CGAIOM), and it is the CGAIOM that selects a person to compete in the Commonwealth Games.
  • For the Commonwealth Games, the IOMTSF Commonwealth Games Nomination Policy will apply.
  • The IOMAGA Commonwealth Games (CG) Minimum Consideration Standard (MCS) later referred to are those suggested when considering potential participants for the 2010 Games.

Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships

  • The Association nominates up to a maximum of three people per event to the Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation (IOMTSF). The IOMTSF then selects a Shooting Team to compete in the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF) Championships.
  • To qualify for nomination by the Association for an event at the CSF Championships, the relevant CSF MCS must be obtained at least once.
  • Places will be allocated firstly to competitors who have obtained, or are near to obtaining, the relevant IOMTSF Commonwealth Games MCS for the event they desire to compete in. It is likely that people nominated under this sub-paragraph may be required to be self-funded to some degree.
  • Places will then be allocated to competitors who have obtained the Minor Match MCS and who desire to obtain a IOMTSF Commonwealth Games MCS and/or develop their experience and their capacity to achieve future success. People nominated under this subparagraph will likely be required to be self-funded.

International Matches

  • Where the Association sends a Manx Team to participate in an International Match, the size and composition will be governed by limitations imposed by the host country, Association finances and self funding.
  • Places will be allocated firstly to competitors who have obtained the relevant Minor Match MCS for the event they desire to compete in. Places will then be allocated to competitors without a relevant MCS who desire to obtain a MCS and/or develop their experience and their capacity to achieve future success.

Nomination and Selection

The basis for nomination will be a number of scores from matches listed in a Calendar published by the Association. The matches will likely have two, and preferably three, courses of fire, allowing for the lowest scores to be discounted. Certain matches may further be designated as Commonwealth Games qualifying matches, and scores from these matches will be taken in addition to, or preference to, the usual submitted scores.

A ranking list for each event will be established using the average of the three highest scores from the submitted match scores. The average will be calculated to three corrected decimal places.

Following the cut-off date for submission of scores, a Selection Sub-committee will be responsible for drawing up a short-list of people in each event and nominating places from this short-list. Where the nominations deviate from the ranking list the Sub-committee will include their reasons when announcing the team.

The Selection Sub-committee will ordinarily comprise of but not necessarily be restricted to...

  • Squad Manager
  • Competition Secretary
  • Member of Association Executive

If, due to health or extenuating circumstances, a person has not competed for some time, e.g. 12 months, but may have the potential to reach or regain CG or CSF medal level, the Association may include that person in the nomination process.

For the Commonwealth Games, where a competitor has qualified for at least one event on their own merits, the competitor may also be nominated to shoot in other events, at the discretion of the IOMTSF.

For the Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships, where a competitor has qualified for at least one event on their own merits, the competitor may also be nominated to shoot in other events, as long as they have attained a Minor Match MCS in the relevant event.

If a competitor desires to challenge the Association’s decision on nomination, then the challenge should be sent in writing to the Secretary as soon as possible after the teams have been announced (no challenge will be entertained if it is received more than 21 days after the announcement date). The Secretary will call a special Committee meeting at which the competitor may present his case as to why he should be nominated. The Association’s subsequent decision will be final.

The following IOMAGA Minimum Consideration Standard (MCS) will be taken account of:-




Minor Match

10m Air Rifle Men




10m Air Rifle Women


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10m Air Pistol Men




10m Air Pistol Women




Competitors are responsible for submitting their own scores, usually supported by a copy of the official results sheet.

Each competitor and Official will be required, as a condition of final nomination or selection, to sign either the Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation’s or the Isle of Man Air Gun Association’s “Competitor’s Agreement and Code of Conduct”, whichever is relevant.



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