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adidas X Speedflow Boots

The X Speedflow comes in a laceless + version worn by Son Heung Min and a laced .1 option preferred by Salah and Messi, built for straight-line speed which are for you?...

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2022 X Speedflow Packs

Diamond Edge
Champions League
Sapphire Edge
Edge of Darkness
Eleven Eleven

Available in Four Levels

Designed for Five Pitch Types

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X Boot Versions

+ ?????

With the +, you get a lightweight laceless speed boot from adidas that also has a thin upper and a very responsive Carbitex Speedframe outsole.

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1 ????

The 1 simply adds laces to ensure you enjoy the benefits of the + model with the most lockdown sensation possible.

2 ????

The 2, with its Speedskin textile upper, has a more opaque finish and a touch thicker, but has similar pliability to the top-end upper finish. TPU outsole discards the carbon fibre inserts and has a softer than average flexibility on the forefoot.

3 ???

The cheap materials used on the Speedskin upper of the 3 can legitimately claim that they still bear the translucent and speedy principle of the + and 1 models. Versus the Academy Vapor, the stud configuration of the X Speedflow 3 is much more aggressive. Possible squeeze more value for money by opting for the MG outsole. Only 5 separate the laceless and laced versions.

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X Speedflow Kids

Kids can enjoy the top-end qualities of the X Speedflow because both the + and 1 are available in adidas Kids sizes. Go for the Kids sizes as much as possible rather than going for the smaller adult sizes because the Kids sizes also tones down the volume to make the boot as kid-fitting as possible. You can buy FG, MG, Turf, and Indoor Kids X Speedflows.

Types For Different Pitches

Grass FG (Firm Ground)

The FG model has one of the most aggressive stud configuration in the market. Furthermore, carbon fibre inserts add a spring-back effect, giving the wearer a propelling sensation when sprinting. The laceless + would normally have a gradient finish for the FG Carbitex Speedframe and a solid, matte one for the .1.

Muddy SG (Soft Ground)

Not only did adidas adapt the X Speedflow to muddy pitches with the inclusion of metal studs, the X Speedflow SG also maintains its snappy profile by retaining the carbon fibre inserts. If your size is not available, be sure to sign up to the adidas news letter to get notified when the boots are available in your size. Go for the + or .1 for the ultimate X Speedflow experience on the soft ground, or buy the laced .3 if you"re after cheaper adidas SG boot

Artificial AG (Artificial Ground)

Gives up the Carbitex Speedframe but has the familiar windmill-like stud configuration seen in most adidas AG boots, good traction for several generations of artificial pitches

Mixed MG (Grass & Artificial)

The MG X Speedflow adds overlay plates along the forefoot and rear foot edges to make the boot suitable to both firm ground and artificial ground. Seen on .2s and .3s, with laces only. Stud configuration same as the one found in the AG variants.

Turf TT

adidas usually has its turf boots in takedown models, but not in the case of the X Speedflow; High quality fluroskin upper gives the turf X Speedflow.1 a barefoot touch on the ball, while the lugged rubber outsole and Lightstrike cushion make you unplayable in Turf pitches; multiple short studs look like narrow arrows, different from the triangular, almost diamond-like Turf studs from the Predator Edge

Indoor & Court IT

Indoor X Speedflow is the adidas indoor boot that makes you fast on the flats; might have to consider going half-a-size up as they fit snug; Lightstrike midsole cushion and lightweight rubber outsole provide you the bounce needed for executing fast movements. Laced .3s appeal for budget-conscious indoor boot consumers

The X range, in every form has an undoubted attack-minded theme and this is enhanced by the thin and lightweight synthetic materials which make the boots ready for the fast paced performances of modern day football. The X 16 silo is headlined by some of adidas" and football"s biggest talents including Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Marcelo, and Karim Benzema. The X by adidas, originally launched in the Summer of 2015, is now in its third generation of construction, it appears to get a revamp at the same time every year, with the X18 revealed in time for the 2018 Champions League final.

Continuing the speed-theme from the F50, adidas" X 15 was their first boot to feature a Techfit collar to increase a sock-like fit which is also a feature retained upon the follow-up X 16 & X 17 models. Boasting a truly modernistic design the upper of the X uses a thin yet soft synthetic upper similar to the previous X-Skin example however also incorporates a slashed-like graphic for a striking design and also increased friction upon the ball for close control and ball manipulation. Whereas original X 15.1 featured an aggressive X-Claw sole plate, the updated X18 & X 17.1 provides tried and tested acceleration through the highly popular Sprintframe outsole.

Whilst the early X boots incorporated Primeknit materials, the most notable feature of adidas" X is the Purecut lace cover found on the 17+ Purespeed to enhance a cleaner ball touch & strike. The no-tongue and raised collar system donned Techfit of the X 16.1 is similar to what is seen on the Phinish and Vapor silos by Nike as both brand"s look for the ultimate in lockdown and responsiveness. The design of the X 17.1 holds certain reminiscence to that of American football cleats offering raised ankle support. The X 18.1 range offers scaled down alternatives including the 18.2, 18.3 and 18.4 ranges for club, youth and entry level footballers.

This indepth report was written by Ian Ebbs, founder of in 2010. He supports Blackburn Rovers, is President of a 1,000 member football club, a central midfielder he plays twice a week and coaches Junior teams.

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